The warrior was right in front of me

Being the witness of people who are having a terrible date right in front of you. Isn't this the best possible television right live for free there? When it just like watching a ship sink very slowly. You see the gap in the boat and it is just a matter of time before it starts to go below waterlevel. it kind of a bit embarrassing and deep down would you want to leave a note on the lifeline for the girl with 'run while you can, he is really a douchebag!!!'

And all that while enjoying a beer called 'The Warrior' or in Dutch said the original name 'De Strijder'. Yes, that girl was for still sitting there with the douchebag.


I have always been fascinated on where all kinds of places beer is being brewed locally in some small shed, and turning out with super nice craft beers which you just want to buy, versus the big boys. 'De Strijder' is one of these guys. While walking with the dog in the woods there is a place where you are able to have a snack and a beer, and that is exactly what a sunny sunday like this one calls for.

With the choice of Blond, Weissen, or normal lager these guys are selling these beers at the local bar in the woods. A nice addition in the jungle of craft beer here in the region.


Apart from the craft beer and the terrible date I also learned something today honestly. Around the local bar there were all kinds of references to the second world war, and I really didn't know that this was a place of interest from that time.

What turned out, is at the end of the second world war two planes crashed into each other because of bad weather and poor visibility, leaving only one survivor. The planes crashed in this region and because of this the monument of the propellor was revealed.

It is good to know what all went down here in those years. So much pain an agony and lives lost. It makes you think about the current situation in Eastern Europe thinking about how many monuments will end up over there.

But on the question of who was the biggest hero of the day? The people checking out the monument, the beer brewers, or the girl on the date?

All kudos go to the girl on the date who was giving out the most polite answers, which immediately were taken over again by the douchebag who was only caring about him self.

I hope she found out in time. Cheers to the girl!

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