Cheers to the vacay!

Hell yeah it was time for some time off from the daily grind! Spring is coming, so it is time to enjoy some of the outdoorsy stuff about us, and see if there are other things to do in the range of what is possible. And what better way to cheers into the weekend and more free time with this 'Hazy Weekend' New England IPA.

Hazy from color? Ow yes.
Hazy in the Head? Ow yes.
Bummer I only had one? Ow yes!


Now I don't know about you guys but this whole lockdown situation sometimes feels like this year has flown by! I guess this has to do with that every day feels the same. Maybe it is also something that I have created myself. I try to keep a decent rhythm in terms of food and sleep and keep it low with the alcohol.

Last year when the first wave was here I remember that we were trying out a lot of beers in the evening because it also felt like something to do, but apart from that to also forget a bit about the insecure situation we had all rolled into. Especially with me working on the ICU it wasn't the most mentally chill situation and I am glad there is a bit more stability and maybe an option out.

Ofcourse when I say keep it low on the alcohol it doesn't mean zero. There is too much to enjoy about this!


Take this awesome label and matra from the 'Hazy Weekend' beer. Brewed in Holland. Translation of the label literally:

'A moment of piece. Your weekend, prefered nice and hazy. Brewed on Mondays because then we are still nice and hazy from the weekend.

A lovely saying to actually a very nice and flavorfull beer. Very often I find these New England IPA way too strong as first beer, but this one was actually a very nice step-in kind of one.

Now I don't know as yet what I will be doing in these next couple of weeks, maybe I will just chill while reading some books and working in the garden. Sounds very cheesy, but travel isn't really the option at the moment.

This was actually a week that we had made a dea with a couple of friends to meet up in Bangkok to celebrate that this pandemic was over. Well that was a bit jumping into conclusions but I do like the ambitious thought of it atleast ;)


Conclusion to this beer:
Hell yeah it was a good one, and maybe I should get some more to combine this with my upcoming chill sessions this week.

Anyone has some reading tips non-crypto related to just have some chill time? Or on the other hand, it can also be crypto related, because the alt market is booming and beer and crypto actually go really well hand-in-hand.