A pleasant surprise around the corner

One of the thing that I really love being abroad while travelling is the exploring of new places, new towns and new places to eat and drink and see where you all end up. This literally is for me the reason to go and explore the world, see what everything has in store for us. That is the ultimate vacation.

But why is that the end game when we are abroad, and are we so terrible in that regarding to places around our own hometown? Why do we see in another country this as exploring, and when we are in our own region we take all of this for granted?


In the search of getting to some cabaret entertainment, we decided to see a show in another town close to home, rather than going to the ‘big’ cinema in our real hometown. And before being there on time, hitting the streets there, go for a walk have a bite to eat and see how the old town looks like.

I couldn’t have been more surprised…

Just around a corner we found the most cool small street with terraces on both sides, plants hanging everywhere on the walls and from the balconies, music blasting out of the speaker and the smell of food coming towards you. Huh? Did I enter a hipster town somewhere in a big metropole? Or was this the small town around the corner and did I never know that it existed.

And…they had beer. And decent beer!


God, I just love the Lagunitas different kinds of beer and especially the hazy wonder is really an all time winner. What the cool thing was about this place is that they also had burger suggestions to go with your beer (or maybe it was what kind of beer you wanted with your burger, but I consider this the other way), and their drinks menu had also some interesting other suggestions which were out of the ordinary.

But with a Hazy Wonder and a small IJwit you just can’t ever go wrong. What a way to be surprised on a simple sunny day. After having had a whole weekend already with enough drinks here and there for me it was all enough, but this was a place where I would totally come back to sit for a whole afternoon again somewhere in the near future.

Biking distance? Nehhh not really. But who knows where you will be back here all of a sudden


And the cabaret? Heck that was funny to be back in a place with 200/300 people in the same area. I laughed my butt off and decided it should be good to book some more tickets here and there for some more cultural events and maybe even more in these smaller venues. If this is combinable with more of these pleasant surprises of finding cool places to eat and drink…I’m in!


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