Is there anything more wonderful than sharing conversation and dinner with friends over a beer 🍺🍺 at the table? (ENG-ESP)

Good morning, fellow brewer friends in the #Beer and broader #Hive community. Is there anything more wonderful than sharing conversation and dinner with friends over a beer at the table?.

I think to this question every beer lover will initially say a resounding yes. I would say a resounding and capital yes to having been able to enjoy a different beer that I had never tried before and in a special environment like the one I enjoyed two weeks ago in Vilafranca del Penedés (Catalonia) at the restaurant Cal Filgarot.

Two weeks ago, I was giving a training near Vilafranca del Penedés, where my friend Damián lives and a few kilometers away lives my friend Nikolay. As we had not seen each other for a long time, Damian organized a dinner at the restaurant Cal Filgarot. This restaurant is also the headquarters of the castellers of Villafranca. As an informative note, I indicate that the castellers are the people who form human castles in the popular festivals of Catalonia and of which I leave you a photo that was on a large mural at the entrance of the restaurant.

Traditional human castle in the festivities of Catalonia

The restaurant Cal Filgarot is a picturesque and beautiful restaurant, in the hall they honor the castellers with this structure that emulates the formation of the human castle that they usually form.

Tribute structure to human castles in the restaurant's lobby

Once inside the restaurant, as it was still a little early and the heat was pressing considerably, we set out to drink our favorite drink which is beer. The beer menu is more or less extensive with Spanish, Belgian and German beers. At that moment, the waitress told us that this week they had brought a new beer and if we would like to try it. The beer in question that she offered us was Damm's Complot beer. This beer is a Mediterranean IPA that has been on the market for a relatively short time and is brewed with 8 different hops.

Complot IPA Beer and restaurant menu

Complot IPA Beer

This Mediterranean IPA is brewed with Catalan hops from the town of Prades (Tarragona). As I had anticipated, this beer incorporates 8 varieties of hops, as indicated on the label at the top, where several of the hops give an extra touch of bitterness and citrus aromas.

  • Nugget (Prades)

  • Summit

  • Willamette

  • Citra

  • Centennial

  • Simcoe

  • Amarillo

  • Mosaic.

Top Label 8 hops

As for its characteristics, according to the labeling and the manufacturer's website, they are as follows:

Complot Damm Beer website

Alcohol by Volume6.6% vol
Original Gravity14.9ºP
Bitterness (IBU)45
Colour (EBC)15

Back Label Complot Beer

I particularly liked this IPA beer. I am not a great lover of IPA beers as an accompaniment to meals, but in this case due to the citrus and tropical touch of this Mediterranean beer I really liked its taste to accompany the fish, seafood and meats that we had for dinner that day and that I had recently shared on my blog.


Salmon toast stuffed with fresh cheese served with Complot beer

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