Louisiana Lagers Line up for Beer Saturday!

gm beer lovers, beer makers and beer drinkers from all corners of the world!

I raise a glass... well, several actually... to you!

It's another #beersaturday and a perfect afternoon to hang out with friends and have some delicious beverages at the local watering hole. In my case, 14 Grados Norte in Guatemala City.

Today I we had a special day thanks to our friends over at abita brewery from Covington Luisiana, just over the lake from the city of Mardi Gras, New Orleans.


Photo by GreaterPonce665 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=109991554

Aside from having some delicious Louisiana cuisine, we had a wide selection of craft beer for the entire afternoon.

Here's how it went.

Light Lager

My day started with the lightest lager available.

Abita's Light Lager, as it's called, is very easy to drink and as its name suggests, contains only 95 calories. So if you're watching your caloric intake, this is a great option for you. I'm on a mission to try the different flavors of Luisiana, so I'll be switching gears to something else for now.

Salty State of Mind

Diver down!

the first thing that caught my attention from my next beer, was the SCUBA diver flag. I used to to a lot more of it before, but having gone SCUBA diving since the pandemic.

If I were, however, I'd pack a few of these babies to enjoy after a day underwater. They're definitely light, with a bit more body than the first Light Lager.

Lounging Iguanas

Next up are the IPAs. This is more down my alley. The first IPA was a Lounging Iguana. Definitely more bitter kick than the first two, except this one has a light coconut and pineapple taste to it. Not my favorite kind of beer.


This was probably my favorite one of all. The Jockamo Juicy IPA had the cloudiness I like to see. This a double Dry Hopped IPA has a delicous taste of good ol' regular New England IPA.

Purple Haze

Now this can is the coolest looking out of all the beers I had today. Unfortunately, it's also the one with the strangest taste. Apparently, it's actually brewed with real raspberries added after filtration. You can definitely tell, because it has a very fruity aroma and taste.

Loved the can, but not a fan. I actually didn't finish this one.

Big Easy

Another light beer. The head bartender described this as a breakfast beer. Which is an amazing concept! If my wife can have mimosas, why can't I have beer for breakfast???

problem solved gentlemen ( and ladies).

All you have to do is have a few breakfast beers on hand, and you're ready to go before noon. No funny looks or nothing.

Andy Gator

a delicious Helles Doppelbock, perfect for combining with some fried big ears :) which is just what I ordered.

Also, at 8.0% ABV it's also the one that will have you seeing pink elephants sooner rather than later.

Mineral Water

What's this??? There must be some sort of mistake. This doesn't seem to be part of the beer parade. something must be wrong!

Oh, it's just a gift from the Mrs. accompanied by a look of "party is coming to an end" buddy.

Better comply. Don't want an angry Mrs.

Mineral Water it is!

Prost! to all

And worry not my friends!

This episode of #BeerSaturday might be coming to an end, but we will meet again for another beer adventure full of delicious beers from across the globe and our voices singing to the songs of beer lovers, past and present!

Salud to you!

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