A Jungle Cat By Any Other Name

Good morning Dearest Hive!

The journey with our sweet ginger baby continues! The last couple of years have been rough economically to the point where my wife and I had to make the decision to move in with her parents for a while. But the area they stay is notorious for road-related-feline-fatalities. So we decided to unfortunately keep our little explorer inside for the time we are here.

He has adjusted well to it I think, he enjoys playing with his Pa (my wife's dad) and he especially enjoys family time where he sits on top of the fridge and watches us eat. Weirdo. But what he loves most is his harness and lead. With that, we are able to strap him up and let him roam the garden area of my in-laws place. Here's a pic I got of him staring at me while he climbed!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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