Our New Kitten

This is a special Caturday as we have a new member. Meet George.


This kitten is one of the offsprings living outside. Do you remember Curly and her two kittens? Last week I told you how they were doing well and alas, next days things went horribly wrong. The black kitten disappeared and we don't know what happened with it. I only hope someone took it and will give it a proper care. The other kitten, which we called Mini, now George as it is male, stopped eating and its behavior wasn't normal. It was staying alone on the path and looked miserable. Other cats even bullied him. Hubby brought it home to help feeding it and I saw it was flea infested. Off we went to the vet to spray it and to check it. The vet said it would be good to have blood test and see what was really wrong. The trouble is the kitten turned to be so skinny that it was not possible to even take a sample of blood. He was also dehydrated. So it was decided that after couple of days, if there will be no improvement, to visit the vet again. Meanwhile I am trying to make it eat regularly. So far, so good, George loved the pate and began eating alone. But still looked very sad.


I very much hope that he will be better soon and the other two cats will accept him without much problem.

He has no energy, poor little thing, spending all the day sleeping. It is encouraging that he ate three times, drank water, used the toilet and seems the little nasty fleas died. Not bad for a first day at home, but it will take time this three months old kitten to put some weight. Speaking of which, I hear right now chumming noise and George is munching again. This is great and let's see how he will feel tomorrow. It is going to be an interesting time with George.

Till next time!

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