Spotlight on the other good creatures around besides cats this Caturday

Well, it’s Caturday which is a special day for Cat people to talk about their pet cats, and I have done that in several posts.

Stretched and relaxed sleeping cat Garu next to computer

Today, I will venture further bringing other creatures into the spotlight because even they are worthy creatures that I encounter daily. Yes, the creatures that will be brought into the limelight here will be dogs of course.

Lost and wandering puppies in the park. I know my area's stray animal guardian angels helped them with kind gestures...

Sleepy morning weather for my home felines but not me as its time for outdoor exercises

The last few weeks have been rainy and chilly, and my indoor cats were very happy to sleep extra well on these rainy sort of chill mornings.

Imagine seeing this, in chilly morning weather, tempts one to nap...yawns

This has been the case not even with my cats, but other creatures including humans like me, because I have been finding it hard to get up early in the morning, wanting to enjoy the comfort of more warm sleep.

Sleepy weather, had these little dogs sleep too. My area's animal gaurdian angels have of course put mattress for them to have a warm and soft surface to sleep!!

However, I can’t spend most of my mornings sleeping like my cats because it’s my sacred recreation time where I have to go out and exercise.

What I see outside is just something heartwarming because there are evident signs that there are people in my area that make life nice with their kindness for stray dogs.

The smile from a stray dog guardian angel and there are a few more around like her

From my Balcony (when I have my breakfast), I have seen a lady who comes everyday with cooked nutritious food (21 kgs of meat) to feed stray dogs. She is always in a hurry serving food to the dogs and then driving off to serve the rest of the dogs around the area.

Few days back, I caught her eye and she smiled at me as she was watching a dog eat food. Oh we connected without saying a word and I know she knows me as she would have seen me earlier passing her by and I am generally neutral on the subject of being nice to stray dogs, I generally keep away from them.

These puppies when I see them in the mornings seem to always have had their fill of breakfast, thanks to kind souls around who feed stray animals.

Even so I always appreciate these stray guardian angels because happy stray dogs on the street are good for us as well. I believe they will be less frustrated and aggressive with humans that way.

Another happy stray dog in the area, I have seen it hang around with all kinds of locals, the street coconut seller to auto driver to this milk man early in the mornings...

Friendly and over friendly vibes from innocent strays in the mornings

Of late, I have got friendly with a few stray dogs and it just makes you see that stray dogs can co-exist peacefully with us, and giving them a little bit of love is a good and natural thing to do because they are sweet, peaceful creatures. I can definitely say this about the dogs around my area at least.

This puppy came to me, as I was trying to take its snap with other puppies and it began to pet me its way, jumping and licking, putting its paws on me!!

Post my recreation time when I come back home, I find my cats, especially cat Garu sniff me about and I wonder what it made of any dog scent on me, but both my cats are cool with me with or without me having any dog scent.

Another time, the puppies were sleeping underneat the car because it was hot and sunny outside. When, I came near them one of the puppies(same as the previous photo) made cute puppy cry noises and came out to lie down outside on the road inspite the hot sun, wanting to be petted by me!!

I have had dogs sniff me, and 3 little dogs jump putting their paws on my leg and lick and bite my pants about.

These are the puppy dogs that I find hard to deal with when they really get friendly

I find it hard to deal with young dogs as they get jumpy, and persistently bitey, biting my pants!!

Here are videos that show how playful these young dogs are - running and chasing each other not bothered about passing vehicles!!

The dogs I see at the park I exercise, are sleepy, grown, mature dogs, of which only one comes to be petted by me and at times I kiss its forehead as I also get delighted that its so happy to see me!!!

The park I exercise in has stray dogs lying about. This light coloured dog whose resting its face on the platform edge of this skating track, is the friendly stray and comes to me to be petted!!

Stone water bowls, kept by my area stray animal guardian angel community. Since it was rainy season, the bowls always filled up and dogs find it useful!!

So, some song words echo inside my head in these fresh mornings - one was “love me for a reason let the reason be love”, because that’s what the dogs seemed to ask me.

This was a change for me, because in the human world you can’t just love people for love alone, they need to have other things like money, talent and so many things like likes, compatibility but with these animals it's so simple and not complicated, completely delightful!!

Warmth around spread by the vibes of love and beauty enough to thaw my cold heart

Squirrel, that looked like it was nibbling on a bread piece. I always try to take a snap of these tree creatures but fail because they run away high soon. However, they are beautiful creatures to watch. A reason we must safeguard our remaining precious trees so we have these charms to behold always!!

I suppose, many times my cats, other cats and animals have opened up my heart and distracted me from the pains of life so I can be open to appreciate the beauty around me and feel it.

I can see love, innocence, trust, kindness and a warmth that inspires one to cherish all these things that really don’t seem to exist nowadays and ultimately I actually begin to feel grateful and light inside.

Strays peacefully resting outside a flat and one dog taking shelter on the shade of the plant holder platform with artificial plants. Notice, bowls of water kept for strays.

So, Louis Armstrong’s beautiful “What a Wonderful World” song echoes in the head as the lyrics goes -

“I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me and you and I think to myself what a wonderful world” and he also mentions about dogs “that dogs say good night” and about “colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky and also in the places are people walking by and I see friends shaking hands saying ‘how do you do’ and there it is saying “I love you”.

Listen to Louis Armstrong’s 'What a Wonderful World' song fully in this video

I have seen ‘colours of the rainbow’, very recently in an evening that was sunny and a brief bit of rain poured suddenly down(: …

Rainbow outside I could spot from the comfort of my home Balcony, what I simple bit rich experience!!

I am sure there are many people who say I love you like Louis sings in the mornings with known faces acknowledging each other, so beautiful. I suppose, these people care for you. In my case, I see people care for the dogs and dogs saying they love and like me petting them, hello!! Smiles(:

Notice breakfast near the bed for these little doggies, all taken care by people who care for these creatures because they see them as innocent puppies, cute and loving!!

Also, it’s not just the dogs the people in my area care for, they feed loitering cattle and put water for the birds. Sweet is it not?, kindness that’s overwhelming and real.

Food for cattle, mostly vegetable peels from the kitchen I guess!!

There’s water bowls for the strays and shelters built for stray dogs as well!!

Those cupboard like boxes at the back are shelters for stray dogs to sleep, definitely again job of stray dog animal gaurdian angel groups in my area!!

I suppose it's because of the kindness that the stray animal angels have shown, that some stray dogs trust me and come to get petted by me.

Pigeons hanging out somewhere in the vicinity finding water!!

I suppose it's because of the kindness that the stray animal angels have shown, that some stray dogs trust me and come to get petted by me.

Song by an Indian artist with a message to be kind to stray dogs

I like to end by a song, made by Nikhar Juneja - “Ek Kutta Hu Mai” which tells people to be nice to stray dogs by feeding them a small portion of Roti, by not hitting them by stones and being cruel, by allowing them to shelter in your home when its raining and windy outside, and by showing some love to the creatures and ofcourse not abandoning your own dogs on the road when they become old and don’t look cute anymore.

Stray dogs are forced to forage for food on the garbage piled by humans in the roads, they open garbage bags, they chase scooters and cars, but they will be loyal and loving and nice to you if you feed them and are kind to them.

Well, I am still not fond of stray dogs, expect the ones that I trust won’t bite me, but I tend to agree that most stray dogs deserve love and they have the capacity to be your loyal true four legged friend for sure and all this makes our world a sweeter, nicer and better place for sure.

Happy Caturday message from my cats Garu and Mochu

My cats came up to pose with the computer while I was writing this Caturday and dog post today...

Well, since it’s Caturday I like to add some cat entertainment as well, so cat Garu comes home from the Balcony to entertain everybody.

He is playing with a bag which got stuck in his neck, and he still cooly interacts with it, silly cat.

Happy Caturday and Saturday everybody and a warm petting to all the good dogs out there, who are lovely as well!!

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