My cat Butters

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This is my cat Butters.
Sometimes I call him "In good hands".
The fact is that he appeared at our house in the summer of 2018. His daughter brought it. The teacher offered the children a kitten in good hands. My daughter had such hands.
The cat's nickname was also invented by her daughter. She heard this name in some cartoon.

Do you remember these words? I wrote this 3 weeks ago. And it seemed to me that I wrote this message last week. Time flies very fast and I don't notice his flight. I would like to take a timeout and stop the time. But my time-stopping machine broke down. Maybe someone has it in stock and can give me this device for a while?


Butters learned from the Tragedian to sit on the dishwasher and ask for food. And when he is at home, he does not let the Tragedian go to this place. But when Butters is not at home, the Tragedian usually sits here.

I also wrote these words in the last post. But Butters' favorite place is not even on the dishwasher, but next to the refrigerator by the microwave.
Sometimes a Tragedian also sits here.

Butters is not just sitting at the microwave, but he invitingly shouts for me to pay attention to him, go to the refrigerator, get food and give him this food.
The Tragedian, and then Butters, was taught to ask for food in this way by my wife. She sometimes gave food to the Tragedian right there. He is a little disabled and his wife fed him here so that none of the other cats would take his food away from him.
Sometimes Butters is cunning and goes outside after eating, but he does not go far, but sits at the front door. He knows that when he comes home, my mom always gives him food. But I know all these tricks of his and I tell my mother - "don't give him any more food, he has already eaten, if he wants to eat, let him go catch mice in the garden".
This year I have never seen Butters catch mice or play with them. He always goes for a walk to other houses, to neighboring houses.
Soon the cold will come, winter will come. At this time of the year, I will take Butters to the basement or to the courtyard at night. With the onset of cold weather, mice from the garden begin to go to a warm place. And where is the warm place? In the basement of the house and in the rabbit house. And there I don't need mice at all. Let Butters and Hinata work there.
This year, the mice severely damaged the carrots in the beds. Probably half of the harvest was gnawed by mice.
Mice can also damage young trees - apple and pear trees. They gnaw the roots of trees in winter.

My cats are constantly at war with mice and I am grateful to them!

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I add my beloved @ru-trail community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.


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