Hello friends.

This is my cat Butters.
Sometimes I call him "In good hands".
The fact is that he appeared at our house in the summer of 2018. His daughter brought it. The teacher offered the children a kitten in good hands. My daughter had such hands.
The cat's nickname was also invented by her daughter. She heard this name in some cartoon.

When examining the cat, it turned out that he had an umbilical hernia. I had to operate on him. Everything went well.
The cat turned out to be a very good mouser. This is a very necessary thing for our rural home!
I often saw him catching mice in our garden. And he always ate them.

In 2020, a pandemic occurred and it changed the lives of many people. And in our case, it changed the life of our Butters.
My daughter came to visit us in the house with her pet cats. Butters had to live permanently on the street for 3 months. My daughter forbade us to let him home, so that her purebred cats would not get infected and get sick.
He always walked on the street with us, but this time they disappeared somewhere for 2 or even 3 days.
The daughter left with the cats, and Butters got used to walking for several days in an unknown direction.

The worst thing is that the cat is absent from home for several days even in winter. We are worried about this. But we can't tie him up at home. He is now used to going to the toilet only on the street.

When he comes home after his absence for many days, he can sleep on the couch all day. But he is sometimes hindered by the older cat Tragedian. He does not like to let Butters on the second floor and always proves his superiority in the house.

But Butters learned from the Tragedian to sit on the dishwasher and ask for food. And when he is at home, he does not let the Tragedian go to this place. But when Butters is not at home, the Tragedian usually sits here.
And they also fought for a while because of Hinata's she cat. But a month ago, we had to remove Hinata's uterus and the wars at home stopped.
You might think that all wars start because of women.
Do you remember why the ancient Greeks were at the walls of Troy and destroyed this city? Because of a woman!

Goodbye to everyone, until we meet again. Our meeting will be soon

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