hanging out at junior coffee

Hi all friends!!!

On this occasion I would like to write about Junior Coffee. Tonight we sat in one of the places where this place used to be the bestcamp, after a friend's argument, we then looked for another place and only tonight can we gather here again. The location is in Cunda, the city of Lhokseumawe.

I moved there at around 8 pm because it's more comfortable to hang out and I have finished my obligations. When I got there, as usual, I ordered a cup of coffee because without coffee it feels empty. While enjoying coffee various inspirations arise in the mind and it is better to make posts.

The atmosphere of the coffee shop that night was also quite crowded because many young people hanging out just wanted to play mobile legends games and I really hate it when I hear the sound of that game. As time went by, the post started to be ready because I was hunting to make it. Besides enjoying coffee, we also often tell stories here because it's really good when we get together to make jokes with old friends.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


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