Fruit Salad and Korean Fried Chicken

Hi all friends!!!

On this occasion I would like to write about Fruit Salad and Korean Fried Chicken. This afternoon I went to the sea for lunch there because I haven't been to the sea in a long time. We moved around 1 pm because before going to sea we had to go to a relative's house to pick up the clothes that were left yesterday.

After going to a relative's house we went to Darussalam to buy fruit salad and Korean fried chicken. After buying both of them, we headed out to sea because the atmosphere was very hot outside today so it made me want to get to the sea as soon as possible. The place we sit at every time we go overboard. Arriving at sea, we enjoyed the fruit salad first because I really crave this fruit salad.

The taste of fruit salad is definitely very good because the fruit is so fresh that it makes me want to buy it more. After eating fruit salad, we also enjoyed Korean fried chicken and this chicken has a level and the level I bought was level 5. While enjoying the lunch menu with strong winds it made us even more comfortable to enjoy the beach because I really like going to the beach during the day , let alone eating with family or with friends.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


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