Nothing beats traveling in a personal car for me mostly when I'm not the driver. I'm very sure it would be a bit different if the driver was to be the one typing this right now because sometimes it isn't easy for them too especially when traveling a really long distance. Last month, while my friend was planning for her wedding and all, I had to travel with her to another state where she needed to do her Court wedding.

Going there, we were four, herself, her husband, her husband's friend and myself. It was a really fun traveling because we had some time to discuss with each other, talk about some really random things and also get to bond even more. The best part of everything is that we went in a personal car which belongs to my friend's husband. He rode at the front with his friend while my friend and I were at the back.

All we did was discuss at some point, listen to some songs too. While I was on my phone sometimes when the network was okay and I also tried to take some interesting pictures of the things around me. It was fun because I later became fond of the pictures seeing how beautiful they were after a few touches here and there.


When we arrived, we were super happy because the journey was quite tiring and we needed rest. Well, we took our bath and then I prepared something which we ate before going to bed awaiting the big day which happens to be the following day. We woke up quite early because my friend needed to put on her make-up early so we don't run late for the court appointment. While she was dressing up I was in the kitchen trying to prepare something we would eat before leaving the house.

When we got to the court, we finished all we needed to do there and we took a lot of pictures to serve as memories for what happened on that day. I could remember how happy and blessed my friend and her husband felt to have each other and if I want to be sincere, I wished I could just find my own better half that day too but no, I still have some things I need first, hehe.


After we were through taking pictures, we had to go back home to do a few things and then go back to our State but then due to how tired we were, the journey was postponed to the next day. That evening, the guys went out and bought big catfish which I used to prepare a pepper soup to eat rice. It wasn't the best but it was okay and everyone enjoyed it. After I finished cooking that day, I remember I was so tired but I know I still had a goal of posting at least once a day and it wasn't easy meeting up that day.


The next day we woke up early so we could begin our journey early and be able to get home early too. Going back was a bit more stressful but the good thing was we traveled in a personal car. But then the sad part was that there were so many check points that it slowed our movement down a lot but good thing all his papers were correct except on of them and that was the major reason why we had a delay.


Despite all of that, I still enjoyed my traveling moments with the couple and their friend in that car. I had nothing to worry about because everyone around me were people I was comfortable with. The music made most part of my journey too especially when the network was crazy. It took us about 3-4 hours to get home that day and that made us miss some appointments the couple's had.

Having a personal ride made our movement really easy for us and that made me wish to get a ride for myself but I don't even know how to ride a car yet not even a bicycle at least 😅 and also I don't have that kind of money yet. Anyways I'm only going to learn for emergency sake if not, I do prefer not to be the driver, hehe.

So what about you, do you prefer personal rides or public rides when traveling?

All Images used are mine

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