Why Art, a portal of creation, heals.




Greetings 🤗

My name is Shanti and I believe in magic 😍
My magic is the way art heals.

Art is creation through our intention. Creation through our intention magic. Therefore art is magic💫

Creativity is when we tap into a higher source and allow it to move through us. When we are creative, we let go of control and dive into a state of flow.

This flow is a higher intuitive form of intelligence that is guided by its own. It is guided by its own since that intelligence is the infinite consciousness of the universe, a multidimensional network of infinity.
Creation is the portal to infinity.
There is no limit in what you can create with Art.

This is why art heals. That same higher intelligence is where healing takes place. By getting out of our own way and letting flow take its course, we let this homeostatic intelligence do the job take care of us. On a physiological level, we are being more in touch with our right brain hemisphere, which is where this sense of creativity and play take place.

Children love art because they love playing. As adults, staying in touch with our inner child playfulness is more than optimal for our wellbeing.

Sacred sexuality

Another magic is the way sex heals.
Sex, just like Art, is an energy of creation.

  • Creation is magic. Art is creation. So art is magic.
  • Sex is creation. Creation is art. So sex is art.
  • Art is magic. Sex is art. So sex is also magic.

Since sex creates life, it is the same divine energy that created everything in existence : what you and I are made of aswell as all of the stars of the universe. We are made from that same source, which I call God.
This creative energy is divinity. Therefore sex, if done consciously from a place of love, can be a gateway to access divinity.

Essentially, it is all God. Sex, art, magic, creation, healing... All of it is linked to the same source.

I firmly believe that if more people played through Art, the world would a better place.
I haven't shared much about me but this is the philosophy behind Shakti Magic. I have just started this Peakd journey so I will be sharing my work along the way. You can access it already through my instagram shakti_magic. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in discussing these topics further on. 🤗

Sending you much love, namaste 💖🌈🌟🌻🦄

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