3rd eye


Welcome to my first art piece shared on Peakd.

The 3rd eye above is a symbolic for the Yoni. Yoni is the sanskrit (sacred language of Hinduism) for womb and the female genitalia.

It is symbolic for a woman's energetic centre other than just the physical organs. This is where the sacral chakra resides in. Just like the mind or the heart, the yoni has its own form of intelligence.

If we tap into it by becoming more aware of it and listening to it, instead of numbing ourselves from it, as women, we develop a much more in tune relationship with it.

Since sex is the energy of creation, sexuality is a primal foundation of our being. The relationship we have with our sexuality affects all areas of our life : social ease, success, satisfaction, etc...
Sacred sexuality can make us experience exponential feelings of bliss. A healthy sexuality helps us live a more ecstatic life.

So when a woman, heals centuries of repression in her energetic centre, and becomes fully liberated, unapologetically and healthily in touch with her sensuality and other functions of her femininity, she can create miracles. She is magnetic, powerful, respected and loved.

Much love and art, shakti magic xx.

@blackgold13 @lernherstory @julietree

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