MANTRA DAO Africa Headline Sponsor (OAU Blockchain Conference)

The future of decentralized finance in Africa lies between the early adopter and how they spread the information and educate others.


Yes, blockchain technology is getting more interesting and students, youth are taking advantage of this technology. Now wonder, we have establishment of Blockchain groups in our university to increase the adoption of this technology and eradicate poverty within Africa.

In June 2021, MANTRA DAO Africa was in Benin city to open the eyes of University student of Benin on what DeFi is all about during the conference that comprises of OKEX, MUNA, and many other projects.

Here we come again, this time we are heading to OAU, also known as Oba University as the student use to call it. The blockchain conference in OAU is the first of its kind and MANTRA DAO Africa happens to be the headline sponsor for the event.

What Do You Expect?

  • Comprehensive information about DeFi & DAO

  • Understanding Blockchain & its technology

  • Crypto trading and analysis

  • NFT clarity

And many more

Speakers For The Day

The below graphic revealed the caliber of speakers for this conference.


Date of the event: 4th September, 2021
Time: 10 AM WAT

The aim of MANTRA DAO Africa is creating wealth via learning and earning. The more you understand the system, the more you leverage on what you know by acting on it and record profit at the end.

Join us at MANTRA DAO Africa, every week is a moment to learn and earn discussion and this has liberate many Africans and will continue to open the eyes of Africans to opportunities that lies in DeFi and DAO.

If you are in Ife, Osun State of Nigeria, don't miss this conference.

You are not in Ife, Osun State? Don't worry connect with us at MANTRADAO Africa and ask all you need to know about this project.

See you there!!!

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