Lernblogs and My New Experience


I've just found today about Lernblogs.com and I'll make sure to write it down in my Hive folder and post here as well from now.
I'll also share this information on Twitter as soon as I finish writing this so that my friends from Hive, Empire Kred, and other places can see it and, hopefully, engage.
Thank you for the invitation, @donald.porter!


Since I don't want to write a large article on a specific topic, I will keep this focused on my Hive experience.
I am here for about 60 days and during this time I have made great friends. I've come in a period when all my bones were hurting and I was posting in between the free time that I had between RMNs, medical visits, blood tests, and so on. There is no drama here. Life is taking some things from us and gives us others. And the fact that I had Hive in my daily routine as a fascinating new place for me to be and to post, comment, meet people, really empowered me and boosted my energy.

I've noticed in this front-end positive values between its keywords for tags, such as

herstory, might that be the feminism term replacing hestory? I love it!
cannabis I am using the cannabis oil for join pains and psoriasis

I am looking forward to a great new experience here!
Usually, I post about global crypto stuff, personal stuff, and experience, personal development, anything that encompasses my life right now, and what I find important enough to share with others.
If I'd had a glass of champagne, I would drink for this new place right now with all of you to CELEBRATE!

With friendship and respect,
@regenerette is thanking you for reading!


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