"Hive Control"

Azircon You're a Shame! Don't Vote Just Reblog If Hive Is Yours

You're a shame and a disgrace for #Hive, Azircon!


At least Lucy wanted some intellectual zipless fuck.

I shared my crypto investments with the Hive communities lately, thinking I can do this even if that permanent blacklist came because I was a whale in POB at some point and this disturbed some people.

Now, this bully that we know, @azircon, thought about getting some more from the DV poll, just after another one did the same yesterday on one of my comments promoting Hive on Twitter.

Some know how frustrated and full of revenge @azircon can be. In fact, he's just another puppet of the whole Hive Watcher's group owning #Hive and playing the markets as they did start from late March 2021.

So, here is how he serves (my ass) the community, while I invest in Hive from my Paypal (Splinterlands), Rising Star, and from other cryptos + invest time to promote Hive since March 2021 with N Mars and others.
Downvoted my achievements. I guess I won't be sharing them anymore.

Downvoting the promotional work I do for Hive: @regenerette/re-hiro-hive-2021914t33612527z

Gonne write more about this shit I am receiving since March on other networks and show how the games are made around here and who plays what and how.

I think I voted too much for @edicted :)) and the mask got upset. Or...I have recognized a pattern in how the market drops and why on Hive and just reminded that in my post today. We're not all idiots. Use your HP to DV but you cannot shut me up anywhere.

Thanks for a welcome back. Now go ahead with downvoting!

@wil.metcalfe, there's no hope here.

@regenerette: This is me, without the power of Hive token
One of these numbers there. Some of you also know this, https://www.thinkers360.com/top-50-global-thought-leaders-and-influencers-on-edtech-september-2021/

Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on EdTech (September 2021)

Whatever your answer is, is how you position yourself in Hive. And I have seen brave people following and trusting my content, I have seen dogs in farming comments and likes and I have seen cowards, as well. Reblog if you think the community needs to know this kind of behavior.

After 6 months Hive Watchers still haven't checked my website or sent an email but keeps my @regeneretta account closed.

Enough...there are so many dirty games of monopoly and control in Hive.

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