HIVE Bounty & LERN Airdrop Winners

Just in time for #HivePowerUpDay!

High everyone, šŸ‘‹šŸ˜Š

On Saturday, May 29th we selected the winners of the HIVE Bounty and LERN Airdrop. All participants were given 50 LERN Tokens. This video is unedited and includes the selection of the 5 participants that won 50 HIVE each. To be fair we also gave away a 20 HIVE to the 6th person selected ;)

We used the (free) random name picker online app found at , so please excuse the ads.

The original rules were posted in this tweet.

And the Winner's Are...

These 5 lucky Hive members are featured in the video and were selected randomly on Saturday, May 29th, 2021 to be rewarded 50 $HIVE each:


Bonus Prize

A Bonus Prize of 20 HIVE was sent to the 6th selection: @miriannalis

Win, Win

There was a total of 64 participanst who completed all tasks. The (qualifying) participants listed below were airdropped 50 LERN Tokens and were added to the spinning wheel random name picker:


Please check your wallets, and remember to Power Up! ;)

Give thanks and mush love! šŸ„

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Credits: Video Background Track: CryptoBard - Get Lucky, Blockchain is a Miracle

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