Why I Love HIVE? #LoveForHive

In this quick video, I explain the number 1 reason why I (need) Hive and believe most people do as well: avoiding censorship.

This video was filmed yesterday evening by @julietree using an iPhone XR and edited with iMovie on my Mac. It was also harvesting time for one of our cannabis plants, which enabled me to really emphasize why censorship is a problem with traditional social media.

Coincidentally, Instagram censored a post by our @canjamretreat account (CannabisJamaica on IG) this morning and I was able to edit it in. Epic timing on their part ;)

Thanks for watching!

PS: We are inviting members of the LERN community to participate in this initiative and we will 95% upvote #LoveForHive posts uploaded on 3Speak.tv in the LERN Community!

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