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What's up Henthusiasts!

The proposal that was submitted making changes on how we identify ourselves when joining the Henthusiast Haven Guild was approved and accepted by our HHG Tokenholders. In this regards, here is a post on How and Why you should become a Guild Member or be one of the many Henthusiasts out there!

How to Register for Guild Member?

In order to register for Guild Member Status and Be one of the many Henthusiasts, the first thing you need to do is to accomplish the requirements. Here are the list of things you need to in order to become a full-fledged Henthusiast.

Guild Member Requirements

βœ… Introduction Post [Received the 1000 HH Token Introductory Reward]

  • Of course, the first part of joining our Guild and Community is to have you introduce yourself to everyone in the Community. What's nice in this part is that we are rewarding 1000 HH Tokens to those who introduce themselves in the community. You can refer to this post about how this works.

βœ… Participated at least once in any Guild Activities

  • You might wonder why we included this. Well, the reasoning is that you will still earn HH Tokens even if you don't buy it in the market. So there would be no reason for you guys to blame of us being money-grab or some thing hehe. πŸ™ƒ Anyways, we've got a #bringmechallenge, #weeklygiveaway, #3dlotto, #hhpud, and more to come.

βœ… Pay 1 HH Guild Card by sending it to WAX Address: or Sending 10,000 HH Tokens to @hhguild-shop

  • This is where it gets fun, the HH Tokens you have earned from participating in any Guild Activities or from the earnings on you blog posts, or those you bought from the Market, can be used to buy our Guild NFTs. These NFTs, the Henthu Da Beginning Collection, is a set of NFTs with 4 Rarities, namely: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. They have various utilities, and in this regards, the Common NFTs which are the HH Guild Cards, are used to seal the deal of being a Guild Member. To get hold of HH Guild, check out @hhguild-shop and see the latest Weekly Inventory Post.

  • We have dded another way for those who don't want to use the Wax Blockchain or find it hard to use it. This is to pay the price of one HH Guild Card. You only need to send 10,000 HH Tokens to @hhguild-shop. Then use the Transaction ID as Proof of Payment.

Having Fun? Take a rest first hehe 😁


Once you are done with Completing the Requirements, it's time for you to Register and Inform Us about your Registration. First, Fill Up This Registration Form.

πŸ“ Registration Form πŸ“

@hhguild Please Confirm!

Date of Registration:
Hive Address:
Wax Address:
Introduction Post Link:
Proof of HH Guild Card Payment:
Proof of Participation on any Guild Activities:

Once you are done filling up the Registration Form, it's time for you to submit it. In our discord server, invite link:, please find the #guild-member-registration channel in the Guild Hall Category.


Then submit the registration form you have just completed. I will confirm it if you have really completed the requirements and if you pass, you'll be a full-fledged Henthusiast! 😊

Another way to submit your registration form, especially for those Community Members who do not use Discord, is by using the Sting Chat by the Peakd Team. Here is the link for the Guild Member Registration Channel:


Then submit the registration form you have just completed. I will confirm it if you have really completed the requirements and if you pass, you'll be a full-fledged Henthusiast! 😊

What are the Benefits of Being a Guild Member?

Here are the list of benefits you'll get from being a Henthusiast Haven Guild Member:

βœ…@Henthusiast Role on our Discord Server and Hive Community

  • The Henthusiast Role, as we love to identify our guild members, we will give them this role both on Discord Server and our Hive Community, wherever they have joined. Having this role, would also give access to some chats or channels.

βœ…51-100% Upvotes and Post Reblogs

  • The Guild Curator Accounts have a lot of HH Tokens in staked also some other tokens and some Hive Power. Just receiving 51% Minimum Upvote would be really helpful for our Henthusiasts who love to post, and gather some wealth. Of course, we would give more love to Henthusiast's Quality Posts.

βœ…Access to Exclusive Activities/Events/Tournaments

  • We have not yet created exclusive activities or events or tournaments for Henthusiasts, but it will be sooner than later. If anyone could submit a proposal for exclusive Guild Member Activities, it would be a wonderful sight. But yeah, for sure it would be a rewarding event for every Henthusiasts out there.

βœ…Entry to Guilds on Games

  • We love Hive Games and other Web3 Games with Guilds on it. As such, we will give free access for every Henthusiast out there to join our Guilds. In fact, we already have a Golem Overlord Guild, what's more beautiful is that you don't need to buy workbench, instead the Guild will buy it for you. 😁 More info to come for Guilds on Games.

βœ…Access to Rental Service

  • This is I think the most wonderful benefit we could have for joining Henthusiast Haven Guild. Even though this is not yet Live, but we will have our Henthusiast access to our Rental Service, where they can use their HH Tokens to rent some Guild Assets such as Splinterlands Decks, SPS Rental, HP Rental, HH Power Rental and more. We will create another post for this once it is LIVE.

This is just the current structure of benefits for all Guild Members. And since, HH Guild is a Decentralized Organization, anyone could propose changes to these benefits or add more benefits for Guild Members. 😍

Aren't You Excited? What are you Waiting For?

Be a Proud @Henthusiast NOW! πŸ’™

If you're still reading this, I commend youuu! Congratulationsss for coming this faaaar!



Henthusiast Haven Guild (HH Guild) is founded as a decentralized autonomous organization in the Philippines that focuses on building a cooperative environment for everyone, including investors, gamers, content creators, developers and others, to gather and create wealth together in the Metaverse. HH Guild ought to invest on different assets from profitable platforms, projects, blockchain games and NFTs, in order to have the guild members, especially those who are still novice in the blockchain space, a backer to push them towards their goals in the metaverse. HH Guild also aims to create a virtual economy that incorporates the real world economy by maximizing its assets and profits for faster progression of its goals.


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