My Golem And Terracore Updates | 17th Feb

So, as promised here is the next post. I have stopped playing golem and terracore regularly but started playing again recently. I have been progressing steadily now.

So here are the updates.

Golem Overlord

Slowly, I have been able to reach Megamech rank from the last time I posted, I was Master Golemancer. In the guild, I am top 3 now, with the same stats as others.

Finally, I increased Prestige to level 11 and then reached Level 3 Daily quests with nice NFT rewards. I am now getting nice rewards from the Quests. Adding small amounts daily to increase reputation to keep progressing for prestige.

I have been focusing more on Power and Faith as to get more rewards from Attacks. The fortification I have kept is less for now as the attacks are continuous but more power helps me to recover those losses, so in other words, let others steal from me when I steal others.

I recently upgraded the Golem Charging Station and also increased active Golems to keep the PART earning filled up complete, so I can claim in full timely.

Summing up, I think Golem is nice for now, and I am selling sometimes to get out some HIVE by selling on DEX.


Terracore is not much like Golem, but I am still playing this in the hope of great returns. Same as Golem, I am focusing more on Damage over Defense. I have kept Stash to 10K and Favor to 5K as this is the max I can do, I can still increase, but there will not be much until I do 5X so it does not make sense to add more.
The stash we can still unstake, but Favor is burned, so I am not doing much on Favor.

Because I stopped playing, the win percentage dropped to less than 40%, but then I started playing and claiming timely. Now I have been able to increase win rate to 60%.

I haven't been playing quests, but in the past, I got nice returns from selling Shards. Once I get some free time, I will start again playing quests.

Summing up, Terracore is not much, but still around 100 top players I am.

That's all for now. Thanks everyone for reading my post.



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