Lockdown Fence - Fuji Image transfer from printed digital negative - Digital to analogue process


This is my first test making an image transfer from digital 35mm transparency, printed with canon pro1000. Then printed on to instant film with a vivitar slide printer, Then image transfered onto fine art paper

The Vivitar slide printer prints 35mm slides (transparencies) onto polaroid or fuji instant film. Instead of using analogue 35mm film I wanted to see if I could make an image transfer from a digital file.

I printed the digital image onto inkjet digital contact film with a canon pro 1000....best results so far are using the vivitar's lowest exposure setting and the digital image under exposed by 2 stops... the quality of the slide is not perfect yet and does show some grain noise but this does not spoil the image transfer style imo.

35mm transparencies printed with canon pro1000.

Then printed onto fuji fp-100c film.

Then image transferred onto Arches 88 Archival Printmaking Paper.


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