Introducing a new Community - Alt Photography - A community for alternative photography processes

A community for sharing anything using alternative historic photography processes such as Image transfers and emulsion lifts, Argyrotype, Cyanotype, Anthotype, Pinhole, Vandyke, Kallitype, Platinum, Salt prints, gum prints, sun prints etc.

Clouds, (Fuji fp-100c image transfer)

Post your images, tutorials and information about alternative processes.

Using some form of digital in the process is allowed, i.e. making a digital negative or positive to use in the process, or preparing the image in photoshop prior to then putting through an alternative process. But please dont just submit a photoshopped image made to look like an alternative process.

Please state what process you have used if posting an image.
If possible, show images of how you have created the image.

I would like to encourage people to post articles and tutorials on how to do an Alternative Photography process and where to get equipment and supplies.

some of my image transfers and emulsion lifts :




In the near future i will post some tutorials on some of the easier alternative processes to start with.

I'm also creating a few other photography related community's and ideas which i would like to get people involved in.. if anyone wants to get involved in some photography ideas and projects contact me. im on discord with the same user name as on here (pcste)

Please vote pcste for witness.
to vote for me go to : scroll down the page and enter pcste into the box (dont use @sign) then click vote.

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