Naked Island, Siargao, Philippines

Hello everyone!

While my days lately have been marked by travels upon travels, I have been feeling uncomfortable with what's happening in my life. I don't to delve much into the details. Good thing I'm always reminded why I'm doing what I'm doing. One of those reminders is this short drone footage taken during our island hopping yesterday here in Siargao.

I have always been reminded that when it comes to island hopping and tropical vibes, nothing comes close to the islands of the Philippines. Amidst often turbulent seas and high winds, there lies, like a speck of dust in the map, somewhere in the middle of a vast ocean some unparalleled beauty where only a few who dared can gaze upon it.

By this video, may I be reminded in the future that despite what's happening in my life, there's still so much beauty to marvel. The world is still so big and beautiful for me to just stay in one place.

Kim Ybañez

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