The Newly Constructed Fishing Port for the People of Elmina


Good day my drone family members. I greet you all you. I hope everybody is fine. By the grace of God I'm also doing very well. It's been a long time I came your way. it was because of some personal issues that were preventing me to share my drone pictures but thankfully I am almost free and can now display some drone pictures I have with me.

These pictures you see are shorts from a newly constructed Fishing Port for Fishermen that go for fishing on the deep sea at Elmina. Previously there was no fishing
port for them so they were parkingtheir boats anyhow and the sea was washing away some of the boats and boarts were not properly tied.

The government of Ghana made a promise to construct a Fishing Port that befits the Elmina beach so that after fishing they can have a proper way of tying their boats and then be safe. To God be the glory the landing site is about 98% complete and will be soon be handed over to them Fishermen at Elmina.

Thank you very much for your time and my regard to all members in this noble community.


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