Winners Drone Pic of the Week Contest 35

Round 35 of our Drone Pic of the Week Contest is completed. A lot of posts to review this week! Be sure to click the author's links for their full posts! We had several great posts.

Please visit our members full posts and show them some voting love and comments!

Our next contest announced at the end. So many great shots this week!
I'm thinking of posting the winners and new contest links from the community owner account in the future, be sure to follow and favorite the community and the @hive-186141 account to see them re-blogged in that feed. It would be great to see everyone in the community upvoting each others posts, let's help each other grow!

Top 3 Winners (Not in any particular order): Be sure to click the links below pics and view their full post will all pics and videos!

Winner 1 - @benbow2017
Lake Pancharevo / drone view I always love a great set of pictures along with video. This is a great set and combo.

Winner 2 - @inksurgeon
THE COLOUR WORKS Another great FPV video flight in, out, and through some abandoned buildings. Be sure to watch him thread the needle through the window.

Winner 3 - @borniet
An evening visit to Cap-Blanc-Nez Some lovely shots of the beach. Another one of my favorites, be sure to view the whole set!

Honorable Mentions
Some great Honorable Mentions this week!

HM 1- @benbow2017
Temple - the monument "St. Alexander Nevsky" - Drone view Love the shots of this building and area.

HM 2 - @marc-allaria
Vues de drone de Mayotte As always, amazing photography and shots. Hard to not also tag as a winner, but we try to spread the love around a bit!

HM 3 - @jemmanuel
Matho Lighthouse - Soaring Above the Sea | Cortes, Surigao del Sur | DJI MINI SE Ep. 14 Another great video of beach and lighthouse in warmer climates.

That's it, have a great week, our next weekly contest round 36 starts now. Theme is always open.

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Our 3 winners this week will each receive 200 Ecency points that they can use to promote their post, someone else's post or however else they choose!

Some of the Honorable Mentions may occasionally find a gift in their basket as well for participation and for helping to promote the new community. Many thanks to all!

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