Flight over the village of Bolshaya Rechka

Hello, friends.
Today I want to invite you to watch the video and photos I took last summer using the Xiaomi Fimi X8SE drone.
We have a good old tradition: when guests come to us from far away, we try to introduce them to our nature and history, and show them interesting places. That time we went to the Sayan taiga on the Oya River, to the last village that can be reached by car - the village of Bolshaya Rechka.

In 1957, a settlement of lumberjacks and loggers arose here. By the beginning of the 21st century, there were no forests suitable for felling in the area of the village. Now the residents of the village are mainly busy serving tourists: they organize rafting trips on the Oy River, transport cargo to hard-to-reach areas of the area, and serve as guides for tourist groups. For tourists who come for recreation and fishing, cottages have been built in the village.

The village itself is now increasingly acquiring the features of a holiday village. People from big cities, having once visited here, then purchase real estate and spend their holidays in the village, taking a break from the stress and bustle of the big city.

The village of Bolshaya Rechka is the place where all roads end; further you can only travel by all-terrain vehicle, on horseback or by boat along the river. Clean air, virgin taiga, fishing and hunting are what attract people to such places.

Quadcopter: Xiaomi Fimi X8SE
Location: Russia, Siberia
Friends, thank you for your attention, see you soon.
Best regards @irvet

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