Winners Drone Post of the Week Contest 79

Round 79 of our Drone Pic of the Week Contest is completed! Only a few postings this week, but nice shots! Looks like there was easy winnings left on the table!

Our top 3 winners will receive 10% of this post rewards payout in addition to the 200 ecency points, and our top 3 Honorable mentions will receive 5% of post payouts.

Be sure to click the author's links for their full posts and show them some voting love and comments!

Top 3 Winners (Not in any particular order): Be sure to click the links below pics and view their full post will all pics and videos!

Winner 1 - @matthewbox
Mountain eyes in Tatras [ENG/PL]
Love this shot. Looks like it's shot from even higher than it probably was.

Winner 2 - @matthewbox
Walentkowa Valley in Tatras [ENG/PL]
We don't usually allow more than one winning entry per person per week, but given our low number of posts this week, looks like we'll double up!

Winner 3 - @eturnerx
Te Manatu Park - Miko, Momo and the HoverAir X1 flying camera
A short video with interesting cuts of the drone following the dogs this time instead of the other way around!

That's it for this week. I don't know about you, but I've had some great pics and video sitting on my drone for weeks now and just no time to pull down and compile. Well get them out and join us next week!

Our next weekly contest round 80 starts now. Theme is always open.

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Some of the Honorable Mentions may occasionally find a gift in their basket as well for participation and for helping to promote the new community. Many thanks to all!

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