Drone Post of the Week Contest 88

Good morning droners!

Tuesday in the Netherlands is called Dinsdag, so for me it is Drone Dinsdag!

Here a post from the sky's of the Netherlands! This time I flew over the harbor of the city of Medemblik in the province of North Holland! This town was founded in the year 1282! thats when tis part o the netherlands, called west friesland, was invaded by Floris the fifth! He build several fortresesto protect the area! One of them, as you van see in the pictures, is Radboud Castle! Can you spot it? to bad that I didn't see it when I was flying my drone! that would have been awesome to fly around it!

This is a panorama made out of 4 pictures!


These are the four pictures I stitch together!


This is the entrance of the harbor! It was dyuog out next to the castle in the year 1599! I couldn't stitch these two pictures in to the a panorama! Next time in need to fly out a bit more to get it in frame better! I couldn't get a nice and straight horizon in lightroom! And I don't know how to do it in Photoshop!



I tried to stitch these two but I didn't have enough 'picture'


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