An evening visit to Cap-Blanc-Nez

We love the sea, as a family, we just adore the coastal area, and once the right time is there, we will move to somewhere close by the sea. Until that time has arrived, we will have to make do with regularly going there for long enjoyable evenings, such as this one last year.
We have a few favorite spots on the coast where we often go to, in The Netherlands, in Belgium, and in France. This particular evening, we went to Cap-Blanc-Nez, at the French Opal Coast, near Calais. It's a lovely beach to walk on, with the chalk rock walls on one side, and the sea on the other side. When the weather isn't too bad, you can actually see the Brittish coast as well (a picture I've just posted from my son looking at England ;-) @borniet/wandering-on-the-beach-at-sunset ).
We made a walk of almost three hours on the beach that evenening in November, until the last piece of dayllight had gone, and we enjoyed every step and every breath of it!
Photo wise, we took a lot of pictures, with almost every camera we have :-) But I had also brought the DJI Mini 2 this time. It was the first time to fly around the sea for me, and I was a bit nervous, I must admit! Even more so, when we came across a man with his feet in the water (in November!!!), looking desperate, almost crying while searching for his Parrot drone that had crashed and dissapeared in the waves...
But still, I did want to give it a try, and fly the Mini 2 anyway!
I was pretty amazed at how well it flew over the waves, and across the beach, especially since there was quite some wind. So once the sun was gone, and we grabbed a bite and headed home, I started loading the pictures into Lightroom even before going to bed still. And I was glad I did...

DJI_0177-HDR Large.jpeg

DJI_0178 Large.jpeg

DJI_0194-HDR Large.jpeg

DJI_0211-HDR Large.jpeg

DJI_0214-HDR Large.jpeg

Shot with DJI Mini 2 drone, edit with LR Mobile and Skylum Luminar AI.
All photos are taken by me. If you want to know more, head to or for more info.

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