August sunrise date 26 location: Bulgaria beach"Seagull North"resort Golden Sands

Hello drone lovers 👋
Today I share with you my last photos from the summer season and our last sea for this year, which was about a month ago..The photos I am sharing with you today are from the morning of August 26th, when I went to meet the sunrise on the beach near the hotel where we were staying...It was actually our first day from the sea and since we didn't know the resort well I decided to do a bit of scouting as to how far the nearest beach was while the girls were still sleeping..It turned out that it's not that far..about 10 minutes of normal walking but before going down to the beach there were about 200-300 steps down..when i went there it was great...the waves were lapping on the fine sand, there were a few more enthusiasts waiting for the sunrise

The beach was still not cleaned of the seaweed that the tide had thrown out of the sea, there were many seagulls picking something there, maybe that's why the beach was called seagull

took some pictures around waiting for the sunrise..and before long it came too beautiful and invigorating

A little later, we returned to this beach with the whole family to sunbathe, and right in this corner we found many mussels and radishes

these are the stairs to the beach that I mentioned at the beginning
on the way back from the beach i was able to take some more photos of the sunrise from other angles with my cell phone

this photo is one of my favorites from the day

Here I managed to capture the flight of the seagulls, it turned out great ... against the background of the rising sun

I hope you like the photos, I will also leave the exact location of the beach in

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