What makes you happy? (contest on IndiaUnited)

What makes you happy?

This is an attempt to revive the spirits of the people who are now burdened by the pandemic. I know, it is too early to start talking of a world without the pandemic, and although attempts are being made by all countries to vaccinate the people, it is a huge task and it will take time.

Meanwhile, being locked down has made the human population both uneasy and feel weird.

(a photo I took a while ago)

Steps to make you happier

  • listen to music
  • develop a hobby
  • do some gardening
  • try to blog if you love writing
  • learn a new language
  • help around the house
  • photograph

The above are a few steps that you can do to spend the time instead of trying to laze all day and be sadder. Avoid the news for heaven's sake.


Write a post on what makes you happy.
If it is a drawing, write about how you did it.
If it is a toy you made, write about it.
If it is a video you made, post it.
If it is a photo you took, post it but write a post about it
If it is a seed you planted, photograph the sapling and post about it.
Psst - it can also be a story you wrote, that's for @inuke too

In short, write about anything you did that made you happy.


  • The post can be in any language provided you do a translation in English.
  • Please include original photos only
  • Please share and upvote this post
  • Submission date is before this post payout
  • Include the tag - india and indiaunitedcontest
  • Include your entry in the comments below


First prize - 2 HBD + 3 HBD from @bhattg
Second prize - 3 Hive + 3 HBD from Bhatg
Third prize - 1 Hive + 3 HBD from Bhatg

Every participant will get 25 Neoxag.


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