Indian Farmers Protest - Everyone is talking about it, but no outcome

The whole farmer protest in India is now getting into a different angle. I have been closely following this protest and also supporting it till now wholeheartedly. Though it is now getting skeptical where it's leading to.

A lot of other celebrities' and activist globally have suddenly started taking interest in this whole issue, and are outraged against the Modi government. Suddenly we hear the state governments getting into their support, then comes Rihanna with her tweet in the support of farmers, then comes our Ms. Greta the biggest puppet into picture, making a statement on twitter "We stand in solidarity with the Farmer protest in India."

It is good that the movement is getting this kind of support but then where the support is coming from also one has to think of. There are many perspectives to the farmers bill that needs to be discussed but when people like Greta and Rihanna voice up, who we all know are big time supporters of the cult then it get's skeptical about what's going on. Then there is a feeling that something is not right. These psychopaths' have good capabilities of having traps within traps and playing games within games, it's a matrix and that's what we cannot trust at all. Till the time there were peaceful protest it was in understanding but now will all the political parties getting involved, celebrities with not very good repute coming into the picture it has started looking fishy.


The politicians getting involved is nothing new, it has been a power play since ages and everyone tries to make their way out of any situation. The celebrities also may be genuinely feeling for them and sharing their opinions, but if that is the case, there are so many other movements also goin on in the world across countries, like the covid scams across the world, where people have been voicing out so strongly but there is no ear to this. Everyone wants to be powerful these days. It would not be surprising that from this protest one candidate suddenly comes up as a candidate for the next Prime Minster election.

Big lesson from this protest is also that lakhs of farmers have been out on the roads since now 2.5 months without any mask and social distancing, so where is the corona gone.

The other thing to see here is while the whole world is talking about it, in India there are not many celebrities speaking out on this or supporting the farmers, till the time they were actually picked up by the public on their silence, and most of them are making very diplomatic statements. Anyways I just hope that good sense prevails to all and may there be victory on truth. It is difficult to say behind the scenes what is actually the true picture, but yes with our sense we need to support the truth.

By now it's also come up with a lot of evidence that the Republic day violence was an instigated one, which also shows how much the protest is trying to be suppressed. The farmers are standing up for their rights, the police guards are doing their duty. It is a very caught up situation for everyone.

As I said I am happy that it is getting due coverage and this is going to create a lot of pressure on the government. The Indian army is also coming in support of the farmers and have given warning signs to the government. But I just hope that it's not getting into another loop from this one and that the farmers carry this protest out with complete integrity.

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