India Celebrates it's Republic Day

It's a big day in the history of India. After India gained it's independence in 1947, in 1950 the Indian Constitution officially came into existence. It was a long battle for India to see this day and when it arrived it was a proud moment. Countless Indian brave souls gave up their life to this day and I really wonder where they had so much courage from.

Compared to the condition that Britishers left India in, India has come a long way and set it's foot globally making it's presence in every possible field. It is called a Third World Country, but still it has presence in almost every global body at a position. It feels proud to be an Indian.

But again sadly Politics is such a dirty game that be it under British rule or after Independence, it has gripped the Nation badly in greed and corruption. Specially the times we are in right now, are the most difficult times for common man to sustain. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. India is going through some big crises, the Farmers issue is becoming big by the day and there is so much protest happening, but seems like no one is listening and the ones who are meant to support them are favoring the giant corps.

Today I want to share with you all the history of the Indian flag, that has changed over the years. This information is very interesting, I got from one Indian Restaurant in Muscat city.







Since 1947, the flag has then remained the same. Yes I do feel proud to be an Indian and I love every bit of my Country, but what I do not like is the way it is being managed by the Greedy corrupt politicians.

Anyways, I wish all my Indian friends a very Happy Republic Day!

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