Indiaunited is now running a Hive Engine Witness node

It has been a very long time since we had some updates on the community. The community is very active and the manual curation is also going very well. Today we are taking another small step and running a Hive Engine Witness node. We don't have to go into details in explaining what is Hive Engine all about. It has been a great boon to the Hive community by providing lots of opportunities.

Indiaunited is a community on Hive focusing on supporting Indians. Some of the previous articles here will explain what the community is all about. We have a big discord server with lots of active members. There are also people playing Splinterlands actively and we have a channel in our discord where tips and tricks related to Splinterlands are being shared among the members.


The Hive Engine witness is up and running and it has already started producing blocks. The witness rewards the account get will be used for the development of the community. Some people might confuse this with the Hive witness. This witness node is not a Hive Witness node but a Hive Engine witness node which is a sidechain to Hive.

If you are having a WORKERBEE stake, you can vote @india-witness account as a Hive engine witness using this link. Additionally, you can also vote for other witnesses from this page.


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