Wishing Everyone HAPPY HOLI My Friends

Namaste🙏 Friends, Wishing you all my friends a very Happy Holi, specially we Indians celebrating Holi with great enthusiasm. We celebrating Holi in two parts first one is "HPLIKA DAHAN" Second one is "HOLI".There is a story behind this both Holika Dahan and Holi festival. i am sharing here some pics of Holika Dahan which is done before one day of HOLI.

Holika Dahan mark the triumph of good over evil. In Holika Dahan we all residents gathering in a open place and make a fire and some rituals also we doing there.
Holi festival is the one of most colorful festival in India. I basically love all our festivals cultural programs, but in all "HOLI" is very near to my heart.

We can't Imagine our life without colors, think how dull it would be. Colors makes our life colorful in all aspect, We have to choose right colors around us it
can brighten up our space and make our life peaceful and happy.

Last best celebrated Holi was 2 years back. That time we did so much fun, now we all are missing it. In current scenario , due to covid there are no more celebrations now,
Due to covid , again rising and we have to protect our self that we keep maintain social distancing and masks and we don't know when lockdown will again be appear.

Lastly i have office today in occasion of Holi, work is work and have to do that.










"Happy Holi to you all with your family and friends"

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