The value of $1000 for me

Hello hive

Here's my entry for contest #3 of IndiaUnited.


Getting an extra $1k every month sounds cool, I mean, with the present economy condition of my country Nigeria where the cost of living is high yet earning is very low.

An average Government worker earns between $60 - $80 monthly which doesn't cover up for a month feeding of four mouths

So, if I get an extra $1k, I will prefer to get a motorcycle, which should be between the range of $500 - $600 and use it for logistics services, which is a fast growing business here while I spend the remaining balance to finance the business

With my current job, it'll be kind of impossible for me to run the services alone so, I'll employ a vibrant youth to run delivery errands while I take the orders online that way, I am solving one of the challenges we are faced with in my country, Unemployment while also creating an additional daily income for myself.

@temmylade @iyiolamitide and @feyigold it's not too late to join the contest

Thank you @bhattg and #IndiaUnited for the opportunity

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