The Value of $1000 for me ~

This is an entry to "What's the Value of $1000 to You?"

So, what's $1000 to me? I have many answers but I'll keep it brief and talk about money in Libya.

Libyan Dinar compared to USD is measured in two ways. The official Bank price, and the Street Price, (also called the "Black Market" Price.)

The Bank Price, which is the one you'll find by searching Google, is very hard to get USD in Libya. It's cheaper. Sometimes it gets more than %5-10 cheaper than the Street Price. That's a big deal if you know anything about currency trading!

Everyone I know deals with the street price. Anything imported from other countries is priced accordingly, which makes things more expensive than they should be. Considering the salary of a normal Libyan. It feels unfair sometimes.


So, what's $1000 to me?

  • 6x all of my monthly cryptocurrency "liquid" income! (Staked/Saved/Donated income doesn't count here. I have a long-term plan.)
  • 5x the monthly salary of a new Civil Engineer I know.
  • 3x the monthly salary of the average school teacher. (After the salary increase.)
  • 2x what a family like mine needs to live comfortably in the current economical situation.

I wanted to give accurate links, but I didn't find any website in English that shows real numbers. The median salary on this link for example is so inaccurately high it's disgusting! Researching for this made me really sad.

That's about it... My family struggles but manages to sustain itself monthly. It's impossible for one working person (with a normal job) to support a family in the current economical situation, but we hustle, as most Libyans do, so it's okay. I guess. (My hustle is Hive.)

I invite @ojak, @mehmetfix and @ackza to join this contest.

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