Beautiful Scenery of Far Cry 6. Rescued Juan Cortez - My First Mission.

Hello Guys.

I've recently started playing Far Cry 6 and also shared some with you. So far I'm enjoying it a lot and today I bring you some of the special moments from my recent gameplay. I hope you're going to like them. And it started my first mission ever on this game. Clara told me to find some guy named Juan Cortez. Said he's someone with special skills in making something special from scratch.

Green Blue Nature Waterfall Photo Collage (6).jpg

I started my journey on foot cause his position was just in a nearby village. And again I got to see the beauty of the map above the mountain. Trees and the ocean far ahead combined looked heavenly. And getting to that village wasn't that tough too. Due to playing the past games of this saga, I now have an understanding of the control and an idea about the fall damage. I used a shortcut to get down the mountain by jumping off the cliffs. One of the cliff's heights was too much to jump and survive. So, I jumped from the other side and dropped into the water so that I could survive the fall. It's good that the game is so much realistic.

Screenshot (1030).png

The village was full of soldiers and they were trying to find Juan. I had to keep my gun holstered and sneak into the village to avoid unwanted suspicion. After a while, I finally found Juan's location and met him. That dude is a real badass.

Screenshot (1036).png

There I found him in a bar sitting with his animal companion. It was a crocodile called Guapo. At first, it seemed like the bartender was his friend, but it soon turned out that he sold Juan's position to the enemy and also tried to kill Juan. But, luckily Juan took action first and killed him. But, it was too late. He already revealed the location to the enemies and the reinforcements were almost there.

Screenshot (1046).png

All of a sudden, the place was crawling with enemy soldiers and if it wasn't for the help of Juan and Guapo, it would be impossible for me to handle all those enemies. Guapo was useful in this fight.

Just look at the beautiful scenery below. This might be the most beautiful sunset moment I've ever seen in any game. Even way more beautiful than the ones I've seen in Far Cry 5. The fire and the reflection on the water made it more amazing.

Screenshot (1053).png

Screenshot (1054).png

We also looted and liberated an enemy checkpost on our way. Got some pretty good stuff from the airdrop too. And seems like Guapo likes me now. He even responds to my order. It works just like the gun-for-hire option of Far Cry 5. You need to aim for an enemy and press "g" to order it to kill that enemy. Guapo can sneak through the grass and kill the enemy. And while all the other enemies are engaged in killing Guapo. I can easily wipe them out.

Screenshot (1058).png

Screenshot (1056).png

Right below, I'm adding some of the beautiful scenes below. Just check the graphics, details, and the scenery. I took those shots while running around with Juan to come back to the camp. He also gave some tips and suggestions along the way which is supposed to help me in the gameplay.

Screenshot (1068).png

And finally brought the legend back to the team. But the legend needs to piss first.😅

Screenshot (1070).png

Screenshot (1071).png

This was all for today. I'll be soon back with my mission stories and shots of more amazing views. The only thing mostly attracted me to this game was its graphics quality and the details. I hope you liked it and please let me know what you think about the graphics and the scenes of this game.

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