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Witness Update

Rank: 54/52

We're continuing to close in on our goal of top 50 HIVE witness! We wholeheartedly appreciate your continued support week over week as we champion HIVE and demonstrate how cool this ecosystem really can be!


Major Server Upgrade

There has been much effort being put into restructuring all of the cool things the contributor team has created for the pizza project so far. This includes a pretty major server upgrade to boost resources for some of the existing tools and dapps as well as potential future creations.
@hivetrending may release a post that goes further into depth at some point in the future. Keep an eye out!

Burning Za Canvas Update

You can play the Burning Za pixel arcade game built by @hivetrending over at!

Burning Za is a game where participants work together (or against each other) to create art, advertising, memes, or anything! Each month there is snapshot and the end result is minted as an NFT on the HIVE Blockchain. The Top 3 pixel owners receive the NFT for free, anyone who owns at least 1 pixel during the snapshot will be named in the NFT description, and a small amount are listed to burn PIZZA and mint future NFTs with. Playing is easy! Simply select any pixel on the board and choose the color you'd like to change it to. Confirm the keychain transaction (and burn a small amount of PIZZA) and the pixel ownership will change to you after a few seconds!

We've seen some really awesome artwork come out of this (among other things) and continue to remain excited at what the community comes up with each month!

Sign winner results

We had an epic sign event in the community RUST server where participants had to log in during the event and create an epic sign within the time period listed. We had a couple of really great submissions but in the end, there was a tie! After some discussion in the gaming lounge over in the PIZZA Discord server, the community decided to split the award between the two entries that received the tie vote.

Congratulations to @candnpg and @creodas for these epic paintings! Well done! Each of you have received 100 PIZZA tokens.


Reddit Community

Some members of the PIZZA community have created a PIZZA subreddit over at
If you're on Reddit, join the community and don't hesitate to drop a post!


PIZZA Community Wiki

I'm currently setting up a community wiki to help new users learn more about the PIZZA and HIVE ecosystem and hopefully encourage other contributors who may be looking at ways to get involved. I see this helping the community and ecosystem grow. I'm hoping for more contributors to get involved with this one and to help build it out. If you are interested in volunteering some time and want to help build it out, just let me know and I'll work on getting you access.


PIZZA Baron WOO NFT Legendary Manager Announcement

Introducing the LEGENDARY PIZZA Baron WOO Manager NFT


  • Gold Legendary Belt
  • 14 Mana
  • Epic Artwork
  • A saucy attitude thanks to the WOO team!

You can read more about the NFT and how to acquire it over in the latest post from @wrestorgonline here:


  • Additional WOO Updates you should check out:

    • WOO Buyback Program
    • General sale Update and Information
    • Website Upgrades & Updates
    • WOO Hive Witness is LIVE!

ONEUP - CARTEL Partner Update

  • We worked with @flauwy over at ONEUP-CARTEL to renew the liquidity pool for PIZZA:ONEUP. Thank you for your timely efforts on that my good sir! We are also excited to increase our curation presence in the ONEUP community.
  • I'll be working with Flauwy to setup an AMA event between myself and Flauwy in the coming weeks to we can catch up on all things ONEUP and CARTEL!

dCrops Partner Update

  • Our projects are currently hosting epic weekly Pack Openings where we talk dCrops and give away some NFTs! Join us in the PIZZA Discord server to check event times and participate!
  • We are working on some additional ideas to strengthen the partnership between our communities.

Hash Kings Partner Update

  • Super huge shout out to the @hashkings team for the successful launch of the latest WARS update! We highly encourage you to go check out the latest update here: @hashkings/fw-frenetic-battle-pre-announcement
  • We'll be hosting Hash Kings in the coming weeks for another epic AMA to discuss the latest updates and some of the other cool things they have going on such as their University program!

Crypto-Shots Partner Update

  • We'll be ramping up our partnership with the team over at in the coming weeks and have started discussion regarding our first core event together. If you didn't already know, we've been incorporating crypt-shots NFTs into the weekly community engagement giveaways and hope find new ways to work together!

Rising Star Partner Update

  • I'm going to work on acquiring some more PIZZA bikes to add to the community engagement giveaways in the coming weeks! We're hoping to snag Jux for the community music album we're doing again this year, too! We'll see! :)



Consider helping our onboarding and curation initiatives by delegating your HP to our curation account. Not only does it help our project grow, but you will receive a share of the daily $PIZZA delegation rewards pool! Delegation rewards are sent out in liquid form to your wallet each day.

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