Luizeba's Pizza Guild HashKings Harvest Report #006

🌿New Week, New Panama Reds!🌿


Here we are, Harvesting more Panama Reds!

Hello everyone!

Last week I planet a whole batch of 15 Panama Red Seeds in my South America Land Plots. To water all these Seeds, it took 7,560 HKWATER.

Today I was able to harvest it all, for a total of 4,010 BUDS!


1,203 BUDS were sent to the 🍕PIZZA Guild🍕 as Guild Fees, and the rest of the 2,807 BUDS went straight to my wallet!

Now I have around 15,500 BUDS in my wallet. As I said in my last Report, I'm saving BUDS to buy my own South American Land Plot, in order to start my own harvesting with my own resources!


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Unfortunately, the Land Delegation from the Pizza Guild is ending just a few days from now, so I won't be planting anything right now. I'll be waiting for the next delegations for now, so let's enjoy some free time after some hard-work done on the fields! 😝

Thanks for reading this post, and until the next Harvest Report!

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