What Do You Know About PIZZA! - and PPUD


Coming back to the HIVE about 6 months ago has truly rekindled my love for the blockchain and the community around it. Social media was a time-sucking, and often anger-inducing trap. It seems the more social media developed, the more fake people would be. Posts and comments would be left just to start arguments.



I needed a new outlet. HIVE became the answer
People are just so much more positive here. People help each other and we all grow together.

There are many great communities within HIVE but one that truly stands out is the PIZZA community. I have to admit at first I thought it was silly to base a community on the love of dough, sauce, and cheese BUT it is so much more than that. There are communities within the community for every hobby. Gaming, Music, Writing, Trading, Giveaways, and just a general love for gooey cheesy goodness. People are always helpful and stick together for the good of all. I found a home.


A new initiative was just announced as well to help grow the power of the community. Welcome PIZZA Power-Up Day which happens on the 14th of each month. Rewards will be given and the community will grow even tighter.
Personally I have most of my PIZZA staked already but I picked up some more on the market and staked it immediately to be part of the FUN!


So Why Power Up Pizza?

Firstly, anyone who powers up at least 300 Pizza will get "a special gift". What is this special gift? No one knows. Doesn't the mystery alone make you want to stake and find out?

On top of that, you get all the usual benefits of staking $PIZZA:

-Access to call on the pizzabot to deliver pizza tips with the !PIZZA command. We share the wealth in PIZZA.
20 staked gets you 5 tips per day
200 staked gets you 10 tips per day
500 staked gets you 15 tips per day
5000 staked gets you 20 tips per day

-Earn 12% APR! That's right, you earn a passive income just by staking your pizza. Save some pizza to earn some pizza. Better yet, the earnings are auto-staked, so compounding takes full effect.

-Access to apply to the Pizza Guilds Scholarship Program. Along with being active in the community. Having $PIZZA staked is another qualifying requirement for consideration in the scholarship program. There are current scholarships for HashKings and Splinterlands I believe with more to come.

-Discord giveaways. Based on your level of activity, message count, and Pizza staked you can be eligible for some amazing giveaways. on average there are over 30 different giveaways, most with multiple winners!

-Daily Events - Almost every day there is an event where we get together and talk about something we enjoy. Pizza, Music, Trivia, Movies, something for everyone.


So come on board and join the PIZZA community and stake what you can to build your own Pizza level. Make sure to say hi in the DISCORD.


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