PIZZA Tokens for your Pizza Pictures! - Chef's Carb Lite Pizza Wins 1st Place!


There are always new and exciting things happening in the PIZZA Guild. Similarly, there are always new but tasty pizza pictures showing up in our #pizza-pics channel. As many people know I review each of the tasty Zas submitted and pick the top 3.

We are currently in week 4 of me hosting the pizza picks competition and things are really heating up. If you still haven't won, no need to be saucy about it, there is always next week! By the way, sorry if those puns were a little too cheesy.


1st Place Winner Congratulations to @ChefBgob!

Our friend Chef went above and beyond in this week's #pizza-pics competition! Not only did he make a tasty pizza, he addressed a question on everyone's mind.... how can I enjoy some tasty pizza while I watch my carbs?

This take on a low carb pizza includes thick tomatoes slices for the base, seasoning, sauce, mozzarella cheese, and tasty peperoni slices.

Chef posted the full video of him making this tasty Za on the decentralized platform 3Speak. Make sure to check out his awesome video!


Everyone give a big congratulations to @ChefBgob!


2nd Place Winner Congratulations to @Fefe99!

If you haven't noticed, Fefe has really been climbing the ranks in the pizza guild. That being said, it's good to know Fefe is taking breaks to enjoy some really amazing pizza. This is a Fugazzeta Rellena pizza. It's double crust, stuffed with cheese, and topped with onions. What a tasty Za and thank you for sharing!

Fefe also shared a video of this tasty pizza being made! Enjoy and big shout out to @fefe99!



3rd Place Winner Congratulations to @Cobaltum!

We get so many different pizza submissions in #pizza-pics, a classic margarita pizza is sometimes hard to come by! There is something said to keeping things simple, especially when it comes out so perfectly! Thanks for sharing and don't be afraid to share a slice next time!

Congrats on 3rd place and we look forward to seeing more pizzas @cobaltum!



Thank you to everyone who contributed this week and please submit more #pizza-pics so you can have a chance to win free PIZZA tokens!

Special shout out to @nane-qts for creating the amazing graphic which showcases our winners and their amazing pizzas!

Also, big thank you to @huzzah for giving me the awesome opportunity to host such an amazing competition!

If you want to submit Pizza pictures come by our Discord!
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