🎬🎥🍿Movie Night Weekend with PIZZA🎬🎥🍿 Horror Express -🚂🗻👻🧟‍♂️whodunnit murder mystery on a train, Rasputin, Aliens, Zombies🚂🗻👻🧟‍♂️ What on earth is going on here!❗❓❗❓❗❓


Movie night got slightly pushed back by a day this week due to unforeseen circumstances. However, better late than never I always say 😉. If a slight delay is needed to better organise a successful event, then so be it.

As always, Pizza Movie screenings will only screen PUBLIC DOMAIN movies. As PIZZA gains more crowds and visibility, we have to ensure that no laws are broken which would compromise the entire project. However, I wouldn't be too concerned as there're still lots of classics to enjoy, as we delve further back into movie history! 🍿🎬🎥🍕🍕🍕



Never fear! Catch up on what you've missed with my brief (and hopefully entertaining) updates on the ins and outs of the PIZZA DISCORD🎉🥳🎊
As a BIG FAN of 🍕PIZZA🍕, I always suggest joining PIZZA DISCORD if you need a quick pickmeup. 👍 It's a friendly and helpful community with regular EVENTS, AIRDROPS of various crypto tokens, discussions of several GAMES on HIVE (Splinterlands, Rising Star, HashKings, Exode...), MUSIC, ART, and even bits of FINANCE ... well I think you get the idea 😄

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Every weekend, PIZZA hosts a Movie Night for anyone interested to join in. Makes for a good bonding session or even a random movie to pick up if you're one of those who can't choose from the plethora of choices out there! 🤣

And the winner with the most VOTES for today's MOVIE NIGHT is....

🚂🗻👻🧟‍♂️Horror Express🚂🗻👻🧟‍♂️

I LOVE Charlie Chaplin, but upon seeing yet another horror movie option, it was a no brainer to change my vote. 😜 What can I say? I love a good scare! 👻👻👻


Released in 1972, Horror Express, by Eugenio Martín, is considered one of the horror classics and is a highly rated cult favourite. I've probably watched this movie on TV reruns as a kid.

The legendary Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were the stars of this movie. I'm sure most movie fans will recognise the both of these movie stars 😉. Star Wars fans will also remember them as Count Dooku and Grand Moff Tarkin!

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💡🎥🎬Lights! Camera! Action!💡🎥🎬

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A slight cause for concern as the starting credits seemed to be in Italian 🤣. But all was well in the end. Like @creodas pointed out after all, Christopher Lee IS as English as they go 😜. And obviously Peter Cushing (who happened to be his real life friend) as well.


Slightly fewer viewers than what we're used to today too (I'd attribute it to the sudden change in scheduling), with the initial attendees being @thebeardflex @creodas @cryptoniusrex @dibblers.dabs @falcout @huzzah @jonimarqu Keyaelis @nane-qts Noonespecial @theacks @wumpus.

Yes, keen eyed observers will realise I wasn't there too 😭. I completely overslept and missed Movie Night with you people! I ended up watching it on my own later on to get familiarised with the entire movie again.

The movie begins with Saxton (Christopher Lee) returning to Europe via train with a frozen humanoid that was discovered in a cave.

As all horror stories go, obviously that frozen being is about to wake and cause carnage and death throughout the movie.

That being turns out to be an ALIEN (yeah what?! an alien? 👽🛸) who even resurrects some zombies for good measure 🤣.

It does sound quite over the top, but I thought I enjoyed it overall.

This is obviously a really brief 1 minute overview of the entire movie condensed by myself into a few sentences. So do feel free to watch it by yourself to appreciate the entire movie. It can be watched for free on Youtube, being a public domain movie and all.

You'll appreciate the classic days of movie making whereby there wasn't an entire army of computer programmers churning out digital images against a greenscreen. I'm really impressed with the ways and ideas the movie makers came up with for their special effects and props.

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🎭All Good Things Must Come to an End🎭

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Many Thanks to @creodas for hosting it yet again! 🥳🥳🥳


And we'll end with this dream! (it isn't from today - but I believe that this is a good dream to build Pizza's Movie future on 🎬🎥🍿) I hope PIZZA succeeds with that too! 🚀🚀🚀


That's it for this episode of my PIZZA news. These are momentous times in PIZZA with a lot of plans forthcoming this year. In fact, I'd say that work on PIZZA is going at a breakneck pace! So don't miss out and come join PIZZA early to reap the benefits. I truly believe this is a multi-bagger project with amazing potential! 🍕🍕🍕

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✨✨✨Upcoming Events✨✨✨

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Over at PIZZA DISCORD, there are always loads of planned Events lined up (and even impromptu ones). The events listed here are localized to my Time Zone GMT +8. For the absolute latest updates, please check in the Pizza Discord.

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A lot of FREE prizes up for grabs at the moment too! Don't miss out! 🎁🎁🎁💰💰💰 What are you waiting for? It's all here in the PIZZA DISCORD.
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PIZZA is an active gaming and creative arts crypto community on the HIVE blockchain. Popular games on HIVE like SPLINTERLANDS, RISING STAR, EXODE, HASHKINGS have their own PIZZA communities here.


Don't miss out more events that are always being organised. Join the PIZZA DISCORD. Even if you aren't interested in the 💰🍕🎁GIVEAWAYS & AIRDROPS💰🍕🎁, there is a vibrant and friendly community there awaiting you.

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Here's to wishing everyone all the best for the upcoming week 🎉🍀.
To any new players who wish to explore the world of Splinterlands, do feel free to sign up with my REFERRAL LINK 😊.

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