WOO:PIZZA GIF Contest Entry #7-8

Little GIF Tutorial today on the PIZZA Server

Today @thebeardflex and I hosted a little beginners GIF tutorial over at the PIZZA discord. It was a crash course on how to express yourself through GIFs on both After Effects and Kapwing. Just whipping up short little GIFs to show the community how easily you can get yourself entered into this contest! I whipped up two while explaining the basics of After Effects (transform effects, mainly through position keyframes). Also between GIFs we had a little update about the wrestling world, Perry, and some info I was completely unaware of about Vince McMahon. Always neat to have a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes into the drama that is the wrestling industry.

Anyways once again my house is a mess and I have to leave to work very shortly so I gotta stop rambling and just post these....

Entry #7 made on stream

Entry #8 made while Beard streamed

Thanks again to everyone that came out to our little event today. Always a pleasure to hang out with you guys. I can't stress this enough just how much the PIZZA community has helped me through these dark times. The pandemic has been a shit-show, but having great people to chat with, share experiences and knowledge with while were locked inside all masked up has been a true blessing. Thank you again for everything guys.

Dub out

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Big WOO:PIZZA GIF Contest going on right now. $200 worth of prizes, with over 20 winners selected, come try your hand making GIFs for free PIZZA and WOO assets!

Original Post with rules and stuff


Resources to make your own GIFs:

Kapwing (To make):

EZGIFS (To make):

IMGFlip (templates)

Make your PNGs transparent:


Now get out there and get GIFFin

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