A Tale of Two Pizza's - Set Sail (Week 14)

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The bustling at the docks was intense. The sounds of chains, crates, ropes and people hollering as the ships was being loaded hummed in the background, drowned out all thought as Manzanilla stood there watching all the movement in a quiet stare. He saw his efforts coming together and the movement of time so fast, yet so slow in this moment.
"My love" Picholine's voice brought Manzanilla back to the physical world of his wife beside him. "I cannot wait to get to the other lands, it has been quite some time since we have been there. It will be like when we were younger and times were simpler." She said with a smile looking towards her husband. "Yes, it will be an adventure alright, I just wish it was under better circumstances. Lets load up now our ship should be ready."
The rest of the ship was loaded, Manzanilla made the last commands to the crew and at the moment he stepped on the ship the Captain took over the command. Manzanilla for once, relaxed. It was if the cheese melted out from the inside of him as he stood there, out of his ability to know what to do or say. He needed this break, he need the time to have reprieve, to listen to the captain and not think so much about what needed to be done. There would be time to deal with reality when he arrived to help his brother Danny out of the pickle he found on his pizza situation.

It took some time for the crew, Tolcetta, Manzanilla, Picholine, and the servants to get acclimatised to the ship. They had been on it for days but never once seemed to have a conversation outside of excuse me, pardon me and may you pass the pizza slices. They passed each other in tight quarters but seldom spoke to each other. It had been years since anyone had been on a boat across the pond. The crew was trained and ready but the passengers were not accustomed to the rocking motion of the ocean.
It was as though they just came together, they communicably crossed path and everyone was wanting, willing and needing to talk. A lot had to be and needed to be said, it took this moment for the main group to come together on the same wave to talk, as naturally as they had all sat down the same area by the supply hold the conversation started on a gentle glance of the faces in the space.

Tolcetta started "It is so different then I remember it".
Manzanilla, "There is a different smell to the air these days then how I remember, maybe more salty. The ship with the reinforcements is up ahead and they should be arriving to help my brother with the issue he is having. The supply ship is just behind us as they need the extra time to load up. I am glad you are on the ship with us Tolcetta, your wine would be tampered with and the barrels would be dry by the time the supply ship arrived if it was left alone. The sailors would be sailing in circles by mid day if the wine was aboard. I fear there is more trouble in the lands then I have been made aware of...." he said as his mannerisms were like an olive sinking in a martini glass rolling around.
"There is much trouble I can feel it, I have a connection to that place through my daughter who I left there years ago, I,,,, I cannot wait to see her again." Tolcetta hesitated, her face held low.
"That is the connection of a mother who loves her daughter and a daughter who loves her mother" Picholine said happily.
"You are very right Picholine, but it has been soo long, fact the last time I saw her she just born, was being taken away to a family who could not have a child." Tolcetta said in a shameful voice.
"That is very difficult for a mother an daughter but that is what happened at the time, there is still hope, do not lose faith that you will not be reunited again" Picholine said in a hopeful voice
"All shall work out as it is supposed to. My brother is in trouble and now I get to go see him, not the way that I wanted to but it has forced something to happen that should of happened long time ago. As a result you get to go see your daughter, who might just be a woman now, which will also be a something that will be dealt with. I get to travel with my wife, good people on this beauty of a boat to live life, to breath fresh air, to taste the bit of salt on your lips and in the food we eat. Nothing more could be so grand that we make our way in this world and hold many hands for we are headed to foreign lands." Manzanilla said proud as he was confident in his words, he knew that things would work out for the best of the situation.
"It will be the gathering the two of you needed to have years ago after the fall. It should have happened earlier but the two of you are so stubborn, You like think crust your brother likes thin crust and you both cannot get along for this. I am glad the meeting is being forced because you both still love each other." Picholine shot back in a loving tone.
"You are correct my love, we shall have to put our differences aside for the greater good." Manzanilla said happily.
"The gathering will be like the melting of two pizzas."
The entire groups laughed at the turn of wit from Tolcetta's comment. Settling the conversation as the seas started to turn rough and the sun started setting on the water’s edge.

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