Pizza Guild Hashkings Scholarship Wave 4 Week 1 Report

Welcome Everyone to my Pizza Guild Hive Scholarship Harvest Report!
Welcome back to the 4th wave week 1 of the current Pizza Guild Hashkings Scholarship, we continue to plan our seeds and harvest our BUDS for amazing rewards with these great people!
Special shoutout to the Creo's Chronics (@smokrthou @h3m4n7 @blitzzzz @dubble)


To begin this wave I planted some Colombia Gold in my South American plots.
The harvest results are below:

This week's total yield came out to 3345 BUDS. With me getting to keep 2341 BUDS (70%) and the guild receiving 1003 BUDS (30%).

Unfortunately I have no major updates from last wave as I have remained very passive during these crypto swings.
I continue to send my avatars to raid daily as well in order to earn even more BUDS. All my avatars are very low level but within time I shall start leveling them to enter higher tier raids which will pay off overtime as you will earn more BUDS from those raids.
You should absolutely look into playing this amazing game if you haven't yet, the game is very self explanatory and the rewards for your time are absolutely worth it. The game rewards both your passive time as well as your daily time with the option to enter raids/upgrade avatars which will in turn increase your raid rewards. Definitely a great game in this amazing Hive Community.

Major shoutout to incredible Hive Pizza Community! Would absolutely advise everyone to join if you haven't already. Everyone is very friendly and engaging and lots of events happening every week!

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