Great Graffiti Works in Hong Kong [CCC's Street Art Contest #42 & PhotoChain Challenge - 70th Edition]

Good morning, Street Art fans!

It's time for another round of Graffiti. This post will serve as a double entry for 2 contests.

The first photo is for the CCC's Street Art Contest #42, hosted by @digi-me.

Here you see a western family of tourists having fun and taking a family photo. A very common scene around in these parts. The mom is the photographer while dad and the kids stay in the back. 🤗


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The second photo is for the PhotoChain Challenge - 70th Edition hosted by @davidesimoncini. The keywords for this week are Balloon and Shoes, picked by the previous winners of the challenge: @zoricatech and @alechi. (My personal keyword is... Old Man.)

In this scene we see an old man floating in the air while being carried away by some coloured balloons. An interesting and funny piece.


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Next to the above images there was another warming scene. This family of three was clearly enjoying seeing the old man floating into the air. The little girl was particularly amused. 🤭


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All of these pieces were located in the side wall of a place called Susanna's Restaurant. Here's the front of the business. It looks like a cosy place but we didn't enter to check it out. Great outside decoration, though... I bet the inside was equally interesting.


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Just a few meters away there was another Graffiti mural, with a bunch of funny faces surrounding some letters... what it says, I had no idea. I could read something like "Dela No More" which didn't make much sense to me...


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Later on I found out that this was an advertisement of a clothes shop from Hong Kong.

The image was incomplete and should read "Delay No More" which is a play on words from the Cantonese slang expression "Diu lay lo mo", which literally means "fuck your mother". 😅

I hope you enjoyed these photos. See you tomorrow! 🎉

LocationHong Kong - China
CameraXiaomi Redmi 3
Photos5 (Edited with GIMP)

If you wish to enter the contests, the announcement links are here:

CCC's Street Art Contest #42
PhotoChain Challenge - 70th Edition.


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