Street art contest 143- Animalier Arts

Gracias art lovers, as usual I've arrived with something.....
Arts of course

These particular arts were captured by the corners of a childish playground around my vicinity here in Uyo......

So this week's graffiti is centered mainly on animals, I repeat animals to enhance the understanding of the anatomy of both wildlife and domestic animals

So all I'll do is officially introduce y'all to each animal....let the fun begin

Here's a horse 🐎, it's actually distracted by someone or something

A hairy creature, covered with furs
With two legs, hands, eyes, a nose,'s looks like human but love climbing trees
It's a monkeyπŸ’

Here's an elephant, the big forest animal with a long trunk, it tramples upon everything and trumpets loudly to the discomfort of other animals

We have a dog here, a dog acts like a pet and security for humans, it's trustworthy and very loyal

So I've got a brief research work for y'all, she's not gonna tell what these two animals below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ are.....why not find out and make the answer known in the comment section.......I promise you'll get a reblog of one of your latest posts

This is 🐼 panda, a rare black and white mammal with lots of furs

Here's a πŸ–, an animal known for being so dirty.....🀣

We see a parrot here,the talkative bird,see how long the beak is. Birds are colorful creatures little wonder, they habour different colours on themselves

Arts makes the world makes life worth living as our eyes are being fed with appealing paintings and graffiti

This is my entry for the week.....

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